Since the start of our company, we have modernized over one hundred (100) elevators in the Charleston and South Carolina area. These projects range from two (2) to seventeen (17) floors. Most all of these modernizations required the replacement of out-date controllers with new solid state controllers, door operators, hanger and track replacements, fixture replacements as well as complete rewiring of car, hoistway, and machine rooms.

Concerning questions related to a technical and engineering standpoint, our company has installed SCR drive and AC VVVF drive controllers. In addition to controller replacement, we have replaced door operators, re-wired car and hoistway complete, hoistway hanger’s tracks, locks, entrance detectors and new car and hall fixtures.

All of the installed equipment is provided by major manufacturers. We deal directly with the specific manufacturer’s engineering staff that designs the product for any technical or engineering support that may be required. Upon installation of the above equipment, we contract the State of South Carolina, Elevator Division to inspect and certify the equipment to assure adherence to the latest codes. We have never defaulted on a contract or been denied a bid due to non- performance.

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