We maintain preferred vendor status with a majority of elevator parts suppliers. I.E.: Unitec (owned and used by Otis Elevator ), Adams (owned and used by Schindler Elevator), Vertical Express (Owned and used by ThyssenKrupp Elevator), MCE, Elevator Controls, Canton Elevators, Quality, S.E.E.S, Hollister-Whitney, and Delco as well as numerous other vendors as advertised in Elevator World.

These suppliers maintain an inventory of virtually every elevator part manufactured over the past 30 years. All of these suppliers will ship any part required overnight. This service will be utilized only in the event necessary materials are not located in your elevator machine room or our local facility. The parts manufactured by our suppliers meets and most often exceed the original manufacturers specifications.

We maintain numerous elevators for the City of Charleston, County of Charleston, State of South Carolina, and the Federal Government under our full maintenance agreement.  In addition to the above stated contracts, we maintain elevators for numerous privately owned properties within the Tri-county area.

Maintenance and Repair

Many customers do not realize that they have other options when it comes to how their elevator can be serviced, and by whom.  They believe that the manufacturer is the only one with the knowledge to service or repair their equipment.  Our technicians service all types of elevators and equipment.  Whether your elevator is 5 months or 50 years old, give us a call to see how we can help.

Worried about part availability?  If the part is not on hand in one of our service vehicles, in service cabinets in elevator machine rooms, or in our warehouse – we will turn to our suppliers.  We have preferred vendor status with numerous suppliers throughout the United States and Canada which allows us to obtain almost any part manufactured over the past 30 years.  These parts meet and often exceed original manufacturers specifications.  All of our suppliers have overnight shipping capabilities to ensure short down-times.

You have three options when it comes to maintenance:

Inspect and Lubricate

This is our least expensive option.  This is also the choice of our residential customers.  Our technician will periodically lubricate all moving parts, perform minor adjustments, and inspect the elevator.  The technician will report any potential issues to the owner/property manager.  If the owner approves, work will be scheduled.

Full Maintenance (7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Mon – Fri)

This option is our most popular.  Will a full maintenance agreement you will still get the benefits of the inspect and lubricate service with the added benefit of parts and labor coverage.

Full Maintenance with overtime callbacks

This option includes all of the above and gives the customer 24/7 service.  Most hospitals, hotels and public service buildings that operate at all hours choose this service.

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