American Elevator was established in Charleston, SC on November 25, 1996 and incorporated as a Statutory Close Corporation. Our company continues to service and modernize all types of commercial and residential elevators.

We bring over One Hundred (100) years of experience in installation, servicing and modernization of elevators. We have experience directly involved with elevators of various types and manufacturers in the Tri-County area since 1986.

Our local office is located at 120 C Pigeon Bay Road, Summerville, SC and contains approximately 3000 square foot of office and warehouse space. Our facilities are open for inspection by the owner or owner’s representative at any time convenient to the owner.

Since American Elevator Co. formed in 1996 in Charleston, SC, our personnel’s experience and dedication to quality maintenance, repair, and modernization of elevators meets or exceeds the qualifications of any elevator company’s personnel in the tri-county area.

In most cases, the name of the company is secondary to the quality of local personnel. We feel with our industry experience along with knowledge of local customer requirements we will provide the safest, most dependable and cost effective maintenance and modernization projects attainable in Charleston, SC.

We look forward to the opportunity to prove our ability and commitment to quality elevator service for you as our customer.

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